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CLIC Abroad educates and empowers children in America and India by sharing their cultures and daily lives through photography.  Bhaskar is one of the co-founders of the Clic Abroad foundation, and has volunteered for more than a decade working with villages around India.

  • Clic Abroad working with Goal Zero company distributed Solar Torch lights to the Mahouts living around Dubare Elephant Camp adjacent to the Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve in Southern India.
  • Clic Abroad also helped the villages around the Great Himalayan National Park bring lights.  (Watch video below)
  • Clic Abroad distributed solar lights to villages along the Cauvery River  in Southern India…

Clic Abroad’s most recent work is “Elephants in the Coffee” a Film by students

Elephants in the Coffee’ shows how expansion of coffee plantations ​ in Southern India turned the living god Ganesh into the ‘elephant menace.’

Now agricultural conflicts are driving an effort to force the world’s largest land mammal into the world’s largest cages.

The once-nomadic Jenu Kuruba tribesmen have been called upon to create permanent camps on National Forest lands. Troublesome elephants are captured and imprisoned in giant wooden cages. There, the elephants are forced to submit to Jenu Kuruba mahouts, who will be paid by the government to care for the animals for the rest of their lives -– often 60 to 80 years.

Goal Zero’s products are Proudly featured in Clic Abroads work to capture local Culture

Power against the bears in remote Himalayan heritage village, deep in a National Park

Himalaya Clic Abroad Goal Zero solar project from Tom Grant on Vimeo.

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the clic abroad foundation is a 501c3 non-profit.