About Us

The Beginnings of Choice Solar

Ravi visited a Himalayan village in 2007 and visits a home with a 40 watt solar panel providing reliable electricity to this family while none of the other 50 neighbors had any – even though they all were connected to the “grid”.  An idea forms – the birth of Choice Solar. A few weeks later, in a chance meeting on a flight, he makes a new friend, Bhaskar, a remarkable photojournalist and avid user of portable solar power.  The result: We will bring the world’s most reliable, durable & portable solar power to people everywhere…India, Africa, South America, anywhere!

Our Business

Today, Choice Solar has allied with 3 companies whose products are engineered to near perfection for the environment India has to offer. Last year, Infosys, becomes a key customer, providing numerous Torch 250 Solar Lights to villages in Ladakh. We are driven by bringing energy generating, storage and plug ‘n play products to people who must have energy and light reliably. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Atlanta, South America or India. Rugged, functional, intuitively easy to use, and extremely highly reliable products is all we care about and all we focus on bringing to you. Why would you want anything less?

Choice Solar LLC distributes best in class Portable Renewable Energy Products in India, Africa, Middle East, USA.  At present, we market Goal Zero, P3 Solar, and Zamp Solar (popular in the USA RV market) and are adding new lines regularly.

Our Team

Owned and operated by Ravi Sinha and Bhaskar Krishnamurthy, Choice Solar markets to Retailers, Outdoors enthusiasts, NGO’s, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Gifting amongst others.  If your company is interested in a Dealership or Distributorship please contact us.


Ravi Sinha

Ravi brings a balanced blend of Fortune 50 and independent entrepreneurial experience. He has co-founded a turnkey grid tied solar for homes and businesses in 2006 and  advised a fast growing Silicon Valley solar business for which he assisted its India launch in 2007. Shortly thereafter Ravi formed Choice Solar whose mission was to source and distribute portable solar charging and lighting products for India. Upon meeting Bhaskar Krishnamurthy in early 2008, considerable time was invested in understanding the urgent power and lighting needs across vast and diverse segments of Indian society and the harsh environment. Bringing past experiences at Hewlett-Packard as a semiconductor professional and serial CEO of independent companies Ravi’s life has led to bringing the most reliable and durable portable renewable energy to the world. Ravi holds an M.S.E.E. from the University of Minnesota.

Bhaskar Krishnamurthy

Bhaskar brings a fascinating blend of world class photography and exploration that has taken him to the world’s deserts, rainforests, mountain passes and Arctic tundra to all parts of India. His expeditions gave him a unique look at portable solar power to keep his electronic gadgets functional. Having collaborated with scientists, writers, politicians, policy makers amongst others he decided to bring much needed portable, durable and reliable power to Indians. Bhaskar’s diverse and solid network in India have been instrumental in opening India up as a market for US based high tech firms.

Through his work with the non-profit he founded, Clic-abroad foundation, Bhaskar has been working with villages in India to document lifestyle and cultures, introducing locals to photography.  Witnessing the surge in the use of portable electronics in India has led him to fully embrace bringing the highest quality solar powered portable products to India. Bhaskar has been a Fulbright Specialist and honored with the prestigious President’s Scout medal from late President of India Giani Zail Singh. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Ravi and Bhaskar a few months ago and my experience has been awesome. They run Choice Solar…and are the authorised distributors of Goal Zero products in India. … They are not just product sellers but solution providers and I have been mighty impressed with the way they have either answered or found the answer to my many inane questions on how to make my solar panel contraption work. I am very impressed with their commitment.   – Chandan Lahri  OTA Survival School